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Customizing Dynamics CRM Charts using Chart XML

Here are the custom charts which we get by making changes to chart xml.

  1. Export chart
  2. Edit the xml
  3. Import Chart

 CRM charts have all the capabilities that asp .net chart controls possess. Here are the examples

 3D Chart


Scale Break on Y Axis (for large difference in the values)

When we have large differences in data ranges our charts will look ugly. If we have a scale break, that would be a great advantage to see the charts in a good manner.

To add scale break export the chart xml and add ScaleBreakStyle under AxisY node:

Stacked Chart/ Comparison Chart

To get the stacked/comparison chart we need to add group by attributes in the fetch. Here in the below XML first we are getting the opportunities grouped by owner then again we are grouping by opportunity rating by adding the xml.


 Along with above changes in XML we need to add/update the XML to get this reflected.

 Update the chart type to Stacked Chart


This way we can convert a simple column chart into a comparison chart


Multi Series Chart

We can get multiple series of data inside of chart just by adding simple entries in xml. Here we go


Once we add the attributes to fetch collection we need to mention how it has to be measured in collections. For that


Finally we need to mention how we want to present the extra series under presentationdescription node

Using Web resource in chart (Showing Bing map in chart with help of web resource to show accounts addresses)

Remove the chart XML and add this to show the HTML web resource. This chart will be shown on the Account entity as mentioned in primaryentitytypecode and displays the content in new_bingmapwebresource

Hope this helps…:)

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