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Disable Trace in CRM 2011

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently our testing server was getting loads of data through CRM Trace. When we check the trace properties all the keys mentioned as part of the Microsoft article are disabled.

We tried by

  • Updating the registry entries Enable/Disable
  • Removed all the Trace related entries
  • Restarted the IIS and Machine for some times
  • Used Diagnostic Tool to do the same jobs again

Still no luck….

At the end after some research on CRM Files/Database/Registry and Bing found that after Update Roll Up 6 these settings were moved to MSCRM_CONFIG database.

Here are the queries to check or to update the Trace settings

select * from OrganizationProperties where ColumnName =‘TraceEnabled’

update  OrganizationProperties set BitColumn =‘0’where ColumnName =‘TraceEnabled’

Hope this helps some body 🙂