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Outlook Client: Cannot find any organizations on the server. Try entering the URL again


We took the database backup of production CRM and restored in UAT and imported the organization to create UAT CRM environment.  Users would like to connect Outlook client to both Production and UAT, but when user tries to add the second environment (it doesn’t matter which order), we get below error message:

Cannot find any organizations on the server. Try entering the URL again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.


Whenever an organization is configured in outlook there will be an entry in the registry with that organization GUID and the outlook client automatically detects there is one organization with the GUID of the first organization and therefore, while configuring the second organization with the same GUID, the CRM outlook client does not detect the organization ID


  • Restore the production organization database as TempUAT on the UAT server
  • Build TempUAT organization in UAT server
  • Backup the TempUAT and restore it as UAT on the UAT server
  • Build UAT organization on UAT server
  • Then the outlook client will identify both the organizations